come on! / cheer up! 打起精神来!

  do your best! / do a good cheer! / beat your brains out. 尽力去做

  don’t give up! 别认输!/别放弃!

  don’t look so blue and cheer up. (别那么垂头丧气,振作起来.)

  don’t lose heart, whatever happens. 英语鼓励人的话 (不管发生什么都不要气馁。)


  every cloud has a silver lining. 再黑暗的地方也有一线光明。

  hang in there! 别松劲! hanginthere!/sticktoit!thevictorywillgotoyouintheend.持下去,利最後於你的。


  i am always here to support and encourage you along the way. (我会一直在这里支持你、鼓励你。)

  i must face the music and accept responsibility. (我必须勇于面对困难,承担责任。)

  it’s not as bad as all that. 事情没有那么糟。

   just try it. / just give it a try. / come on, try it. 试试看。

  keep at it! / keep on it! / go on! 坚持下去!

  keep smiling! things will calm down. 乐观一点,事情会平息下来的。

  keep your chin up! 要有信心!


  let’s look on the bright side. 我们来看看它好的一面。

  no matter what happens, don’t be discouraged. (无论发生什么事,都不要气馁。)

  that’s the boy! / you’re doing fine. / you’re doing very well! 好样的。

  things are never as bad as they seem. 事情往往不像看上去的那么糟。

  tomorrow is another day. 有明天就有希望。

  try to cheer up. we all support you the same. (试着振作起来。我们还是一样支持你。)

  when god closes a door, he opens a window. 山不转水转。

  win a few, lose a few. that’s life. 有得也有失,生活就是如此。

  you can do anything if you really want to. 只要你想做,你就一定能做得到。